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S  T  A  T  I  O  N  E  R


S  H  O  P  K  E  E  P  E  R


“Decorating is the art of arranging beautiful things, comfortably.”

So says Mrs. Ruby Ross Wood, mentor to Mr. Billy Baldwin, both of whom are among the many Great American Decorators.

A rather simple statement, yet entirely true, and we completely subscribe.  We offer a conservative approach to both aesthetics and budget and prioritize accordingly,  because we value that which will endure the test of time.  Unfortunately, we realize that much of the design to which society is exposed is simply not good design.  We strive to share our knowledge with our clients, so that they understand why we make the recommendations that we do.  And indeed, good design needn’t be expensive, but it must be well-informed.  Pragmatic by experience, we realize that trends are short-lived, and we firmly understand why classical principles are timeless, whether they be applied to traditional or modern environments.  We assess each project as it were our own, and will propose selections and recommendations only after much collaboration with our wonderful clients, to ensure that results exceed expectations for all concerned.

We welcome enquiries for projects of any size, both near and far, as a great deal can be facilitated via e-mail.  Whether you are seeking to renovate your entire home, need advice on paint selection, or simply would like suggestions for setting a beautiful table for a memorable gathering, we would be delighted to speak with you.  Please be assured that we provide professional, courteous, discreet service, as we completely understand the value of your privacy.

If you arrived at the site from a link, looking for a post entry, you will find the most recent beneath the “POSTS” tab in the header of this page.  Likewise, you will find earlier articles beneath the “ARCHIVES” tab.  We are currently in the process of photographing inventory that will soon be offered in “THE SHOP”, many lovely things culled from travels out and about:  trade sources, estate sales, etc., as well as new collections of McAVOY & DAUGHTERS stationery, about which we are very excited, and hope that you will be, too!  Thank you so much for visiting, and we look forward to working with you!

With kind regards & warm blessings!