Tall, dark, and…

by Margaret McAvoy

…well…really…who are we to argue with “handsome”, as well?  But as this post is about the tradition of First-Footing, then we will only concern ourselves with the actual obligatory requirements.  Namely, a tall, dark man.  This very Scottish of traditions requires that a dark-haired male guest be the first after midnight to cross the threshold upon entering a home, so that he may bring the homeowner good fortune for the rest of the New Year.  So, albeit quite late on this first day of 2012, we at McAVOY & DAUGHTERS wish you all warm blessings for every day of this very Happy New Year!

First-Footing in Edinburgh

Image of the very smartly-clad First-Foot above, kindly via John Lobb.

Image of First-Footing in Edinburgh, kindly via Chambers’ Book of Days.