Baa Baa Black Sheep, have you any…telephone cord?

by Margaret McAvoy

Today has been devoted to the obligatory “desk work”: mundane tasks that I postpone for far too long.  This always involves telephone calls, and usually involves some online work, mostly sourcing images and inspiration for stationery.  Or something to gussy up my website, as I’m thinking that it looks much blander than I would like!  In my quick search for an image of a rotary dial telephone (yet another of our infatuations at McAVOY & DAUGHTERS!), I spotted this wonderfully clever installation at the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt, Germany.

A creation of artist Jean-Luc Cornec, it features old rotary telephones, and yards (and yards, and yards) of telephone cord, fabricated to resemble grazing sheep.

Incredibly resourceful, they mimic the woolen texture amazingly well.

I’m unsure if the cording was treated somehow, to achieve the variegation, but it’s very well done.  We especially applaud the ability to capture and (ahem!) communicate such subtle nuances of a sheep’s personality:  truly difficult with any medium, but practically next-to-impossible with rotary telephones!

All images, kindly via Museum of Communication, Frankfurt, Germany, and