Porcelains & Ceramics

No. 1:  A charming single candle holder, with handle, hand-painted in a faience style, depicting a plumed bird centered on one side, and a flower centered on the other.  Decorative piercing and figured handle are outlined in broad plum strokes, while the star-shaped piercing is lined in lemon yellow.  Other prevalent colors are caramel and grass green.  Made in the municipality of Gruyères, Switzerland.  Undated.  Overall dimensions:  6″ W x 4″ L x 3  3/8″ H.  Round, pierced vessel only:  4″ Diameter x 2 3/4″ H.  In very fine condition, this candle holder has neither crazing, nor chips, nor cracks.   This is truly a charming little piece, that would appropriately hold a beeswax candle, bringing out the caramel tones in the hand-painting.  $32.00   PURCHASE THIS ITEM